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When putting Local First isn’t an option

Sep 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM / by Local First

Local First is proud to represent hundreds of locally-owned companies in West Michigan. We encourage residents and visitors to support these businesses and for our members to source from one another. But sometimes, there isn't a local solution. This is why we say “local first” – not “local only.” We know that from time to time, a local option just isn’t available.  

Take internet, for example. You are likely using the internet to read this blog. Without the internet, we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things – especially in this pandemic. We wouldn’t be able to teach our kids, order necessary supplies, connect with our teams while working remotely, video chat with our loved ones across country, and have so many things (including an online local business directory) at our finger tips.

As many of us shifted to remote office life, the demand on our home internet increased. And unfortunately, there aren’t many local high-speed internet carriers available. Does this mean we, as localists and local business owners, can’t use this increasingly necessary tool? T-Mobile certainly hopes not.

T-Mobile reached out to Local First a few months ago to talk about ways their company could support local businesses during this challenging time. We advocated that, whatever it was, it would have to save them money. Businesses that already operate on a razor thin margin have been pushed to the limit and don’t have time to wade through a multi-level deal with hidden costs and lengthy registration processes.

After a few conversations, we started seeing that they earnestly care about the people and families that make up our local business community. And they’re offering them a deal. T-Mobile has new option for high-speed Home Internet and it’s just $50 a month.

More information can be found T-Mobile.com/GRHomeInternet or by visiting a participating T-Mobile store.



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