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The Future of Work

Jun 9, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by Local First

Thank you for joining Local First for the second of four Rebuilding our Local Economy webinar events! Each quarter, the Local First team brings new resources and technical support to you by tapping the expertise of our membership community.

In our second offering, our Membership Director, Kathleen Roark, was joined by the following Local First member businesses to discuss the future of work. 

With more and more people moving through the vaccination process and in-person gatherings back on the horizon, our work is bound to look and be different. Watch the webinar recording below to hear how these three businesses are shifting their business models, centering their employees, and gearing up for a post-pandemic world. 


  1. What do the daily operations of your business currently look like?
  2. Imagine that the pandemic is no longer an active concern. What restrictions/services/pandemic offerings are you ready to shed?
  3. What do you think the future of supporting local, brick and mortar spaces will look like? In the short-term? In the long-haul?
  4. Christine Congdon, Director of Global Research Communications at Steelcase was quoted in the GRBJ recently pondering “how… we give workers [the] kind of autonomy and flexibility to choose what works best for them, but yet also be able to still feel rooted within the organization and feel connected with their colleagues and have a sense of shared purpose.” How would you begin to answer this question with your business and employees in mind?
  5. Consumers are driving demand for local and global businesses to publicly share their values and be active in seeking justice. The People First Economy team recently hosted a conversation with the Global Social Missions Director at Ben and Jerry’s, who said that their company model could be reframed as ‘a group of activists who sell ice cream’ (watch the event recording here). What does it look like for your business to champion equitable opportunities and social justice? Can you provide an example?
  6. What, if anything at all, do you believe will permanently change in your business operations or generally in our local economy?

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Sincerest thank you to our panelists. We are grateful for their expertise shared with our member businesses! 

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