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Summer Habits that Put People First

Jul 14, 2022 7:15:00 AM / by Local First

Here we are in the height of summer in Michigan. We’re spending more time outdoors, connecting with community programming, and enjoying time with friends and family. Menus feature locally-grown ingredients, farmers' markets and stands are full to the brim, lakeshore communities are bustling, and Michiganders are getting outside to enjoy our neighborhoods, parks, and waterways.

Along with the warmer weather, West Michigan summer brings visitors who see our home through new eyes. It is a great reminder that our place is special because of the people and the businesses that make our community joyful, resilient, and vibrant.

Summer’s bounty offers a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and steward everything that makes Michigan great. The businesses in our directory work toward a circular economy – keeping our money close to home, creating jobs, and taking leaps of faith to bring unique and high-quality products and services to our community. If you are a person who buys goods and services, you are a big part of this equation.

We cannot build a local economy that puts people first without YOU. Your dollars act as a vote for the type of place you want. They are small and sustainable shifts in day-to-day rhythms; singular actions that build People First habits.

Here are six ways you can build these habits:

Don’t let these next three months go by without EXPERIENCING summer. Unsure where to start? Look local first! Michigan’s Sports & Outdoor businesses can help prepare you to get outside! Search here.

There’s no denying we’ve all spent more time in our homes over the last two years! Why not invest in a space you love? From painting to interior design and décor, experts in our community are ready to consult with you to build out those ideas you’ve been saving on your Pinterest! Search here.

Are the kiddos in your life looking for fun, educational ways to spend these summer months? Check out these opportunities! And while you’re at it, why not research local childcare solutions. West Michigan businesses have a lot to offer the little ones in your life. Search here.

Holy cow, don’t get us started on real estate! The market is undeniably hot. Use a local realtor to advocate for your best interest and help you navigate the changing costs and rates. Whether you’re buying or selling, connect with a trusted realtor today! Search here.

While insurance needs may not scream summer activity, summer is a great time to research and assess the services you may need. Are you traveling this summer – getting your car on the road or planning to be away from your home? Insure what matters most to you. Search here.


Legal help is something we don't think about until we need it. And when we do, we need it IMMEDIATELY. These Local First members are ready to meet with you to make sure your personal and professional matters are taken care of. Search here.

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