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The Dos and Don’ts Of Event Marketing

Aug 12, 2019 9:29:00 AM / by Local First

By: ThrivePOP

Marketing an event for your business can be both exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. There can be a list of marketing deliverables that is a million miles long, and you may find yourself wondering if you’ve missed something. Here at ThrivePOP we know a thing or two about event planning and marketing for both our clients and ourselves. I mean come on, we throw our business a totally awesome birthday party every year! Here are some dos and don’ts of event marketing that might make your life a little bit easier.

Do: Something special for your dream clients.

The goal of event marketing for your business is hopefully to delight current clients and possibly gain some new ones as well. Well, why not do something just dreamy for those special clients and prospects? You only have one chance at a first impression, so knock their socks off with a clever invite, or perhaps an in-person visit. But don’t get discouraged if they don’t commit to coming right away. It may take some time to build trust with you and your company, so keep at it so that you’re top of mind.

Don’t: Just focus on dream clients.

Remember, the dream clients don’t contribute to your business success. Not yet anyway. Don’t focus all your efforts on calling and marketing to dream clients, especially when they are cold leads. Give attention to your regular clients and make sure you are also sending them personalized invites. After all, acquiring new clients is important, but retaining them generates profit growth.

Do: Advertise on social media.

Social media is possibly today’s most powerful marketing tool. Making your event presence prominent in users news feeds as well as in business groups is essential to success. After making the event on your Facebook page, allocate some money towards boosting or creating a Facebook ad to promote it. Depending on the type of event, you can either boost a post or create a Facebook ad. Boosting is great for exposing the post to more of your current followers while Facebook ads can be used for reaching a new audience that has interests similar to your current customer base.

Don’t: Spam your audience.

While paid ads will appear repeatedly to users more than organic posts, it’s important not to spam the same group of users, multiple times a day. “We get it. You’re having an event. Leave me alone for two seconds.” They might not actually say that, but they may be thinking it. If you’re doing paid advertising, consider keeping event shoutouts down to a couple of times a week instead of a couple of times a day. This will lower the chance that people will unfollow or unlike your page during promotion.

Do: Use an event planner.

Staying organized is always the key to event planning, even if your business has done the event before. To keep yourself organized create an online document accessible to the whole team that has key dates and deadlines, as well as the assignee to complete those tasks. Consider getting a physical planner too, sometimes it helps to write things down. Planning an event while shooting at the hip will no doubt cause you to forget something.

Don’t: Forget about event cleanup.

The party’s over, you’re exhausted from networking all night, and you just want to go home. But don’t forget about cleanup! If hosting the event at a rented location check with the staff to ensure they have a cleanup crew available for the end of the party. Some locations have people dedicated solely to event cleanup, while others require the host be responsible for taking care of any mess. Holding the event at your office is also a great option as you can prolong that clean up until the next day.

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