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Mar 11, 2019 9:55:00 AM / by Local First

Local First has been working with Database Sherpa for a number of years. In addition to honing our own Salesforce skills, we’ve covered their engagement with a number of nonprofits in the area and love seeing how they help people build relationships.

Salesforce is the tool behind these relationships and is designed to track the interactions between organizations and their stakeholders in order to maintain institutional knowledge. Until recently, we thought these were the only relationships they managed.

But Database Sherpa has also set up a network of users across the country that connect monthly to discuss efficiencies, troubleshoot issues, and share updates. The owner, Ashima Saigal, facilitates the practice group and the participants share struggles, ideas, and ah-ha moments. The group is well-versed in Salesforce’s abilities (thanks to the guidance of DBS) and the conversations are casual but informative.

During the call, the group spent some time discussing the possibility of using Salesforce to track and report budgeting. One participant referred to Salesforce as his main “hub for data” and felt using another platform for budget reporting was a duplicative effort. This is where the peer-to-peer learning kicked in. Each participant weighed in about the pros and cons of using Salesforce outside its intended purpose.  After some deliberation, the group offered this takeaway: is it a duplication of efforts or a way to check each platform against itself? After all, when it comes to financial reporting, wouldn’t you rather be sure?

These conversations happen organically during these calls, a sign of collegiality and mutual respect. For a group of people who have never met in person, this is a pretty unique relationship! If you or your company are interested in joining, contact Database Sherpa to find out more. 

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