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Use Your Passion to Define Your Purpose

Mar 6, 2018 8:38:00 AM / by Local First

This week marks the first Good For Grand Rapids awards. The March 8th reception will acknowledge the 70+ local businesses that have completed the Quick Impact Assessment to date, the award finalists, and eight award recipients.

My company, Stingray Advisory Group, has completed the assessment and found it to be very insightful. It was helpful to see all of the moving parts within our business coming together and the impact they can have on those around us. It was also rewarding to see where we are excelling and how we can continue improving.

Completing the assessment internally and hearing about the awards made me curious about other organization’s thoughts about Local First membership and their insights on the Good For Grand Rapids campaign. So I decided to reach out to some of the companies being recognized.

Even though the companies I reached out to are all unique, several commonalities clearly shone through.

Networking is more than just business – it is connecting. If you have read any of my other blog posts or keep up with us on social media, you probably know that I (we) are huge proponents of networking and community involvement. I am not the only one.

Co-owner of Romence Gardens, Katey Romence says, “I appreciate the programs and opportunities that Local First offers its members. The networking has been my favorite part. I have met so may great business owners and employees and have loved the advice and friendships that I have built.”

We all have the opportunity to have an impact and to be impacted. No matter if it is large or small, each one of us can leave an imprint on the community. Our community can also help us grow and thrive.

“We love our community. Without the community, we wouldn’t have a business,” says Heather Berry, owner of gallery and event space, Lions & Rabbits.

Passion is powerful. Some of the best ideas come out of identifying something that is missing.  When you find your passion, greatness can happen.

This was what helped launch Lions & Rabbits. “I wanted to promote art awareness throughout the community. I think too often artists get looked over as far as the professional sense goes. Creating a space where artists can actively engage, grow and flourish has been extremely rewarding,” Berry shared.

Grand Rapids Natural Health Practice Owner and Director, Kelly S. Hassberger, ND, sums everything up beautifully.

“The reality is that one needs money to survive. This is the nature of our world, however, I also believe that you can find a career and gain financial success in a business that supports your passions, that supports you, supports your community and makes those around you better for being a part of what you are doing,” she says.

“I like to use the word ‘purpose’. My business has purpose and I have created it to better the lives of those that come into our space. That is being a force for good – doing what you love, loving what you are doing and bettering the world around you through your passions,” Hassberger elaborates.

What is your passion? And how it is helping you fulfill your purpose?

Hopefully, this week’s awards reception will provide an opportunity to learn more about these businesses and others within the community that are using their passion to do great things!

About Stingray Advisory Group LLC: Stingray Advisory Group LLC is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. By creating dynamic customized solutions for business growth, we empower businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools to further their development. To learn more or schedule a consultation, visit www.stingrayadvisorygroup.com. Follow us today on Facebook and Twitter for more helpful tips!

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