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DornerWorks Joins Local First and Other West Michigan Businesses Building a ‘Force for Good’

Jan 30, 2018 1:35:00 PM / by Local First

Whether its algorithm acceleration, connecting products to the Internet of Things, or developing technology for the autonomous vehicles of the future, DornerWorks understands the value of strategic collaboration. It's helped gain the company international recognition in aerospace and defense, as well as the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors.

As a technology engineering services firm, DornerWorks helps people make remarkable things, but the company is also making a profound difference at home. By joining Local First, DornerWorks adds its name to a long list of West Michigan business leaders, entrepreneurs, companies, and consumers who are dedicated to building “a force for good within the community.”

Local First 

Strong West Michigan companies, brewers, bakers, printers, and even engineers are making our community a landmark for sustainable business practices. A growing number of Local First members are also certified B corporations, committed to putting people and the planet before profit.

Now in its 15th year, Local First is strongly committed to the values of diversity, inclusion and equity in West Michigan, working towards a stronger local economy through local business empowerment.

“Local First has a passion for people living and working together in sustainable community,” says Local First President Elissa Hillary. “We envision a West Michigan that is nationally recognized for its quality of life, diverse entrepreneurial energy, beautiful environment, and unique local culture. And we believe that, together, we can make that dream a reality.”

Regional Impact

Joining local First is important to DornerWorks as both organizations see the benefit in growing businesses. DornerWorks through developing technologically complex business solutions, and Local First through supporting sustainable local economies and ecosystems, guiding them to “grow into markets that are greater than the sum of their parts,” the nonprofit maintains.

Local First's efforts concentrate on both business and personal development within the community at large, in which citizen stakeholders are empowered to protect the economic and environmental assets that strengthen that community. The intimate connections that arise from those efforts, between clients and companies make for a more vibrant and resilient local economy.

According to Local First's 2016 Annual Report, local businesses have a tremendous impact on the areas they grow in, with at least 44 percent collaborating with other businesses in the same community, and an estimated 36 percent promoting intentional environmental stewardship. What's more, as many as 85 percent contribute to charitable causes.

DornerWorks is proud to be one of those making an impact, and looks forward to many more years of doing the same. We will see you at this year's Local First Street Party!

For more information on Local first, check out their 2017 Annual Report.

Local First

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