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Farm fresh ingredients and a team-centered focus

Dec 12, 2017 2:19:00 PM / by Local First

Local First featured Uccello’s Hospitality Group back in October when we were gearing up for Fork Fest. Now that we’ve all had a chance to digest a bit, we thought it would be a perfect time to highlight the group’s newest additions, Mazzo Cucina D'Italia.

Mazzo opened last May with a Farm-to-Table menu and a team-centered focus. Using locally-sourced ingredients, the Mazzo staff works together to create menu items and special features. The results of which benefit not only the restaurant patrons, but also give them employees something to brag about.

“When they can see their ideas work and become successful they become more engaged and excited about their work and their future with Mazzo,” says Brittany Knoch, director of marketing.

The team came together first to decide the layout of the newly remodeled space. Knoch recalls the careful placement of the wood fired pizza oven, an essential part of Uccello’s legendary pizza.

“It was fully constructed when it shipped to us,” remembers Knoch. “We needed to use a crane just to lift it off the ground. With its mammoth size, we decided to knock out the front windows and the crane just dropped it right in.”

The windows have since been replaced and Mazzo has made a cozy home on Monroe Center. They’re excited for the Holiday season, which will make great use of their event space, Atrium at Mazzo, and even more excited to celebrate 2017 at New Year’s Eve at Mazzo.


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