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1st Annual “City Hacks GR” Tech Weekend & Hackathon

Sep 15, 2017 9:44:00 AM / by Local First

The Midwest Tech Project has partnered with Theta Ventures to organize the 1st Annual “City Hacks GR” Tech Weekend & Hackathon Sept. 14th-17th, with the intended purpose of growing our community's tech talent pipeline & continuing the work of exposing the citizens of Grand Rapids to the vast & varied opportunities in west Michigan's growing technology ecosystem.

Midwest Tech Project founder Jonathan Jelks has been instrumental in the growth of not only tech in Grand Rapids, but entrepreneurship in general. Jelks describes the mission of his organization “Midwest Tech is about connecting youth, in particular youth in our communities of color, to high earning jobs.”

Jelks and his cofounders have lined up an entire weekend of programming for people interested in learning about tech jobs, as well as a platform for showing off their existing skills. Check out all of the events below!

Thursday Sept 14th – Forum

GRMI Still The Furniture City – Or America's Next Tech Hub?
nLocation: Start Garden 40 Pearl Street Suite #200
nTime: 6-8pm

Presenters include:
nMike Morin – President & CEO Of Start Garden
nAaron Schopp – Founder & CEO Of The Factory, Elevator Up, & CoLearning West Michigan
nMeredith Bronk – President & CEO Of Open Systems Technologies
nLuis Perez – Founder Of Loop Coding Center
nMary Oneil – COO & Managing Partner Atomic Object

Friday Sept 15th: “GR's Tech Night Out” Technology Fair

Time: 6-8pm
nLocation: Grand Rapids City High School 1720 Plainfield Ave NE
nLink to more information:
nCity/Hacks GR: Tech Night Out!

Saturday September 16th: Fabian Elliot Keynote Address

Time: 1-3pm
nLocation: The Factory GR 38 Fulton St W Suite # 400
nLink to more information:
nCity Hacks GR Keynote: Fabian Elliott Of Black Tech Mecca

Sunday September 17th: City Hacks GR Winners Awarded

Time: 2pm
nLocation: Grand Rapids City High School 1720 Plainfield Ave NE

Learn more at facebook.com/The-Midwest-Tech-Project

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