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Preserves: Going beyond breakfast

Aug 21, 2017 10:43:00 AM / by Local First

Thornburg and Company is a small, family-owned artisan food company located in Holland that specializes in creating artisan-made gourmet preserves, specialty Michigan maple syrups, and other goodies. 

Thornburg and Company takes great pride in their craft as artisans and it shows. Their preserves are made without pectin or artificial preservatives and have a farm-to-table freshness. All recipes are inspired by the fruits that grow here in Michigan and are crafted in small batches, using the old-fashioned methods.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll fit right in. Owner Pam De Vries says she loves seeing the way people experiment and appreciate the passion Thornburg and Co. puts into their work.

“They totally get using the preserves beyond just a breakfast food,” she says. “We also appeal to those that truly appreciate the method of how we prepare our products, those looking for a fresh tasting non-chemical alternative to share with their family.”

The company was founded in 2011 by Ryan Thornburg, a Master Chef in St Joseph, Michigan. Passing his knowledge on to Pam, he sold the company in the fall of 2015. She brought it to Holland to share it with her community where she uses the same techniques and tricks of the trade.

“He is an excellent resource whenever anything arises, I can always count on him,” she says. “After all his name is forever attached to the company. He is the “Thornburg” and we are the “and Company”.

Pam has learned to wear many hats as a small business owner and the company has had their fair share of struggles and frustrations along the way. When she first bought the company, rumors spread that it was going bankrupt and out of business. Pam worked hard to dispel them, the community responded. They also struggle with a saturated market. To participate in farmer’s markets meant searching out a place that did not already have too many similar businesses.  

Today Thornburg and Company continues to grow. They are working on a few other options in the marketplace and will potentially branch out on their offerings. If you want to learn more about their business and how to take preserves beyond breakfast, join us at Lakeshore Fork Fest on September 28 at Coppercraft Distillery – Get Tickets!

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