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A beer for every person, a brewery for the people

Jul 3, 2017 3:18:00 AM / by Local First

Brewery Vivant is an innovative, small, independent craft brewery. Owners Kris and Jason Spaulding have a strong community commitment that’s focused on bettering the economy and promoting small businesses.

Before setting up shop in East Hills, the Spauldings traveled through Europe and saw how breweries brought communities together. They wanted to bring that same feeling back to Grand Rapids. So when they returned from their trip and saw a former funeral chapel up for sale in a neighborhood with a lot of potential, they knew they’d found their spot.

Today, Vivant uses an “artful approach” when crafting their beer. This approach is most evident in their farmhouse style beer, Farm Hand. Affectionately referred to as the People’s Beer, Farm Hand is inspired by Southern Belgium and Northern France, and focuses mostly on the rustic nuances from the beer yeast, making the beer approachable and light.

When stepping into the pub, you may forget that you are in Grand Rapids. The vaulted ceilings and lighting transport you to the European countryside where the pub is the center of the community. Breweries in Belgium and France are an essential part of their community, which is what Brewery Vivant strives to be in Grand Rapids. They use Michigan grown products and processors, which support local agriculture and manufacturing. They also use aluminum cans because they are infinitely recyclable and better for the environment. Cans are also better for their beer. The opaque cans block out both light and air, keeping the beer fresh.

And speaking of keeping things fresh, Vivant is coming out with a new way to enjoy the People’s Beer. This summer, you can stop by the pub and pick up the new 8-pack of Farm Hand. Bring it to a summer gathering, stock your fridge, or split it up and share it with friends. Totaling a full gallon of beer, it’s sure to be the Gal Pal you’ve always wanted.

From a trip to Europe to a Midwestern neighborhood, Brewery Vivant continues to bring the community together one beer at a time.

If you like Vivant’s business model, make sure to pick up a copy of Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. In addition to being Mayor Rosalyn Bliss’ book of the year, it also contributed the Spaulding’s dream of entrepreneurship. It profiles companies that chose to be great instead of big. By remaining small, several companies were able to delve deeper into their own community instead of expanding. Local Bookstores

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