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Zeeland’s one and only brewery is getting a makeover this summer!

Jun 7, 2017 2:29:00 PM / by Local First

Since opening in 2014 as Zeeland’s first brewery, Tripelroot has not only grown as a community gathering place but, physically as well! Still Zeeland’s only brewery, Tripelroot is located at 146 E Main Avenue, right in downtown Zeeland. Being consistently busy, even with the more recent addition of the alleyway beer garden, Tripelroot has been looking for ways to add more seating. This past winter when the business next to them closed and the building was up for sale, owners Laura and Nate Gentry new they had to pounce! The newly acquired building, the former home of On Silver Shores Jewelry & Imports will essentially double the seating area of the brewery and, add additional outdoor seating. On top of that, they’ll be able to rent out the space for private events like wedding receptions or birthday parties!

Like the original brewpub’s dining area, the new expansion will feature a similar aesthetic including natural materials like wood, metal and brick. Garage doors will be open out onto a patio in the warmer months so folks can soak in that warm weather we wait all winter for! A lot of the building’s original features, like the tin ceilings and wood floors have been restored. Gentry also mentioned that they were looking to add some “funky” pieces to the space, to give it some additional character! One of the main differences between the new space and the old? The Gentrys aren’t doing the build out themselves this time. After doing all the work on the original space in their spare time, they decided to hire out for the expansion. Even so, the expansion will feature some personal touches as the new front door was made by Nate himself!

This spring’s expansion isn’t the only place the brewery is growing. For the first time, their beers will be available at different bars around the area! Be on the lookout for their tap handles at your favorite bars and restaurants! With their licensing, Tripelroot can not only brew and serve their own beers, but beers from other breweries as well. Their beer menu features bottles and drafts from breweries around the state, country and world as well as wines and ciders. Food wise, Tripelroot serves up sandwiches, stonebreads, salads, quesadillas and appetizers including the giant “Feel the PretZEEL!” pretzel in homage to their community of Zeeland.  They have a kids menu, and for the Yoopers among us, a pasty feature every Monday.

With all this new growth, one thing that the Gentrys look to keep the same is the importance of community to their business. In addition to creating a place where the community can gather to share a meal, have a drink and listen to some tunes, Tripelroot organizes events around the community to get people active and to give back! They’ve organized The Root2Farm bike rides which are thirty mile round trip rides out to nearby Farmhaus Cider as well as hosting Alley Cat rides. The benefits from last year’s Alley Car ride went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They also donate a dollar from each monthly stonebread feature to a local charity and are involved in events in the Zeeland community like Plaiderday Chili Crawl. It’s important to support the folks that support you!

Whether you’re looking for a beer on a patio, dinner with friends, a place to host your reunion or some folks to bike with, Tripelroot has you covered. You could say along with being Zeeland’s “first”, “only” “smallest”, and “largest”, they’ve become Zeeland’s “best” brewery as well, without one bit of bias! 

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