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Madcap returns to Fork Fest!

Oct 20, 2016 8:22:00 AM / by Local First

Today's Fork Fest celebration will feature local food and beverage businesses who have been mainstays in West Michigan for decades, but it will also highlight newer businesses who have recently made a big impact on the local scene.

One of those recent success stories, Madcap Coffee, will return as a Fork Fest vendor this year to showcase their Oktoberfest brewed hot coffee and their nitro Cold Coffee.

“I am excited for the event as we will get to put coffee into the hands of people who might not be able to make it downtown and experience it at the cafe,” said Jonathan Miller, Madcaps’ Cafe Educator and Trainer. “We’ll also get to share how we are growing as a company and the exciting things to come.”

As the holidays approach after Fork Fest, Madcap will once again feature their seasonal bestseller blend, Holiday Fusion. New for 2016 will be Madcap’s Ethiopia Series, it will contain a set of eight different coffees all from distinct areas of Ethiopia, each having a unique flavor profile. “With the series, you will be able to experience the vastness of what coffee can taste like from where it originated,” Miller said.

Madcap was founded in 2008 as a coffee shop focused on building relationships between farmers, baristas and customers. “As Madcap has grown, we have worked hard to make ourselves an important part of the community and are excited to be expanding and growing in our hometown. We look forward to being able to offer the Madcap experience to the different neighborhoods of Grand Rapids.

Try Madcap’s samples in person at Fork Fest, which will run from 5-9 p.m. with food and beverages from more than 40 local vendors, as well as live music and on-site demos. Tickets are available at the door. 

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