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Livin’ La Vida Local: Local First’s New Neighborhood

Jul 19, 2016 10:56:00 AM / by Local First

Local First has relocated their office from Wealthy to Fuller. The team and the work to be done had outgrown the former space, leading Local First to start looking in a new neighborhood. “This move is taking Local First to a whole new level,” says Executive Director Elissa Hillary. “We are so grateful to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to creating this space.” The new space is sharp in design and the location was chosen with Local First members in mind. The updated office is near Local First member, The Cheese Lady and just up the street from the freeway.

Multiple Local First members have chosen to take root in the neighborhood. The Cheese Lady, a specialty cheese shop moved to the area in 2012. Owner Heather Zinn says, “We could do anything with the space and we were excited because we were really familiar with the neighborhood and the convenience of the freeway makes where you would least expect to find a specialty cheese shop a fortunate drive by.” Join The Cheese Lady in the fall for their 3rd Grilled Cheese Showdown.

Priority HR, a HR Outsourcing firm chose the neighborhood for access to their clients and the convenience of the Downtown community up the street. Owner Jim Cox believes “The Local First initiative is strong, we [here at Priority HR] are true blue locals and choose the local routes in business.” Cox says, “Priority HR really stands behind Local First.” As a 6th generation Grand Rapids resident Cox made sure Priority HR was a shared economy company full of local support.

There are many other local opportunities and businesses in this area. For more information about Local First members in this neighborhood check out our online directory.

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