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Check out our new line of apparel

Jun 20, 2016 8:50:00 AM / by Local First

In collaboration with The Image Shoppe, Centralian Shop Unlimited, and Local First, Mayor Bliss created this line of apparel so that she and other Grand Rapidians could show off our fair city. The two designs boast what we know to be some of our key economic strengths: medicine, manufacturing, sustainable business practices, and, of course, brewing beer.


The Handcrafted GR design (available as a t-shirt and light-weight hoodie) combines depictions of an Eames chair, stethoscope, the Grand River, a pint glass and growler, an artist's pallet, the historic 6th Street Bridge and none other than our local Calder sculpture La Grande VitesseThe BEGR design (also available as a t-shirt and light-weight hoodie) creates an optical illusion. Whether you see BEGR or BEER, this design is all about Grand Rapids pride. The front features two of GR's most well-known attributes – La Grande Vitesse and good beer! The back features three others: Progress, Growth, and Grand River.


The designs were debuted at the 13th annual Local First Street Party.  The online store is live an ready to receive orders. Check it out at www.localfirst.com/discover/store

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