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GROWing a People First Economy

Aug 23, 2021 10:15:00 AM / by Local First

Thank you for joining Local First for the third of four Rebuilding our Local Economy webinar events! Each quarter, the Local First team brings new resources and technical support to you by tapping the expertise of our community.

In our third offering, our Engagement Director, Kathleen Roark, was joined by the following folks to discuss how we're jointly GROWing a People First Economy:

  • Rosie Orchanian, GROW's Program and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Emmanuel Ibarra, PFE's Impact Coordinator

West Michigan has a number of business support organizations in the ecosystem, each filling a different niche to support our business community. Maybe you’ve heard of GROW or People First Economy, but were not entirely sure what each organization was about and how to get engaged - that’s what we broke down in this conversation.

Look back at our conversation and learn: 

  1. What do GROW and People First Economy do in West Michigan? 
  2. How you can get involved with either organization? 
  3. What hidden gems exist within each organization? 
  4. At what point is your business ready to engage with GROW and People First Economy? 
  5. What makes each of these economic support organizations unique? 

Don't miss these resources: 

  1. Connect with GROW 
  2. Connect with People First Economy 
  3. Become a Local First Member 
  4. Join the Initiate portal 
  5. Connect with Michigan SBDC
  6. Measure your impact with Good For Michigan 
  7. Seek volunteer mentorship from SCORE

Sincerest thank you to our panelists. We are grateful for their expertise shared with our member businesses! 

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