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Auditing & Amplifying Your Digital Presence

Mar 1, 2021 12:10:35 PM / by Local First

Thank you for joining Local First for the first of four Rebuilding our Local Economy webinar events! Each quarter, the Local First team will bring new resources and technical support to you by tapping the expertise of our membership community.

In our first offering, our Membership Director, Kathleen Roark, was joined by the following Local First member businesses to discuss the benefits of auditing and amplifying your digital presence:


  1. What emerging trends in the business sector have you noticed over this past year? (3:06)
  2. What is a digital audit and how can it benefit a business? (8:30)
  3. 2020 was a whirlwind of change and adaptation. How can businesses begin to catalog their existing tools? (12:28)
  4. How can businesses assess if their tools are working for them? How can a business know they are being seen? (20:06)
  5.  What are some of the most effective marketing tools? (27:55)
  6. What are the hallmarks of a quality communication? (36:13)
  7. How can local businesses develop or update their websites affordably? (47:24)
  8. What products and services can Well Design Studios, Featherlight, and The Image Shoppe offer Local First members? (52:00)

Don't miss these resources: 

  1. The Future of Business Already Here GRBJ article 
  2. What is a Digital Marketing Audit from The Image Shoppe blog
  3. Featherlight Website Subscription Service
  4. Google my Business 
  5. 1000 True Fans article by Kevin Kelly
  6. Chat Plugin by Facebook
  7. Do Things that Don't Scale article by Paul Graham 

Sincerest thank you to our panelists. We are grateful for their expertise shared with our member businesses! 

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