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2022 Annual Meeting Recap

Mar 15, 2022 10:56:03 AM / by Local First

Did you miss the Annual Meeting on March 10th? We've got the digest for you!

Like many others, our organization has continued to evolve over the last two years. During the Annual Meeting broadcast, we shared how it all started and how it's going – with a big announcement! Take a look at our 2021 Annual Report:

The Annual Report showcases what we accomplished together in 2021.

So now you know where all the purple comes from! While our mission and vision in the community remains the same, the ways that we’re walking out our work in the economic support landscape have shifted. We’ve officially restructured our Local First, Good For Michigan, and Impact Project programs underneath the People First Economy organizational umbrella. We believe that communities thrive when we put people first. People First Economy works to strengthen place-based communities by providing equitable and sustainable resources as an economic development non-profit.

The Annual Meeting is a celebration of the previous year’s programming and intention for the year to come.

Look back at the People First Economy Annual Meeting to dig deeper: 

  1. 2021 Annual Report (5:47-8:12)
  2. Our program leads and staff members shared some of our proudest accomplishments from 2021 and our biggest hopes for 2022. (8:39-16:21)
  3. President Hanna Schulze gave an overview of the new People First Economy structure and how your business can get involved with our work. (16:44-21:00) 
  4. Building People First Economy Habits in 2022 (21:38-24:45) 
Our Local First, Good For Michigan, and Impact Project programs all center developing habits around localism, sustainability, and civic engagement as ways to build an economy that puts people first. We believe that small and sustained change can lead to significant impacts. As we navigate the evolving pandemic and seek economic advancement, we hope you’ll join us in building People First Economy habits. Follow along with our social media channels and utilize the tools and resources through Local First, Good For Michigan, and The Impact Project as we launch new iterations of our campaigns and encourage the growth of small and sustained habits. There’s no better time to reengage and develop habits that put people first!

This work isn’t possible without you! If you like what we’re doing, join us! As a nonprofit organization, our unique programming is powered by the relationships and financial contributions of our community. As you have seen, we bring together local, values-aligned businesses who believe that good business matters, mission-driven nonprofit organizations, and individuals who share a common goal to create a thriving, equitable, sustainable, and economically vibrant region.

Please consider:

  • Following and engaging with our work on social media. Help us build this movement!
  • Making a donation. Your donation, in any amount, goes a long way toward supporting our work and strengthening our economy.
  • Connecting with our team.  As our work continues to dig deeper in the community and evolve in creative ways, we are looking for new partners and sponsors to expand our reach and impact. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss some exciting unique opportunities to partner.


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